Mum Forks Out More Than £2,000 On Her Daughter's 'Extravagant' Fifth Birthday Party

Treating your child on her birthday with presents, a party and (obviously) cake is a given, but how far would you go to make her day really special?

One mum has admitted to spending more than £2,000 on her daughter, Princess Bliss's fifth birthday party, which included hiring a dressed-up pony and a red carpet.

Sophie-May Dixon, 22, appeared on This Morning to discuss extravagant birthday treats for children, after rumours surfaced that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were considering hiring out Disneyland for North West's second birthday.

Dixon said: "Memories are what’s important. She had a pony party but it’s only once in a year that you have to give them something little.

"They haven’t asked for it. There’s a big difference between a spoilt child and a treated child."

Dixon, who is also mum to three-year-old Precious Bell, explained the ins and outs of her daughter's "pony party".

The money she spent on the party included balloons, a food buffet, feather boas for the children, a DJ, face painting and a bouncy castle, as well as the pony rides and red carpet.

Dixon admitted that calling her daughter Princess means other parents expect her and her birthday parties to "be extravagant".

Blogging on HuffPost UK Parents, Rebeca Plantier questioned whether these birthday extravaganzas will be more fondly remembered by children.

She wrote: "I'm not convinced that kids even notice the difference, or even enjoy such huge events, and certainly not at five or six years old.

"It's the difference between flying to the Bahamas for a family holiday or driving up to Lake Erie to go in the water. Of course an adult could tell the difference, but a five-year-old couldn't care less where they are as long as they can splash around and their basic needs are met."

Plantier thinks parents are trying to get "one up" on each other.

"The standard has gotten crazy high, and it's all too much on so many levels," she added.

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