Cat Videos Are Actually Good For Your Health And They Help You Work

If it's one thing people across the world agree on, it's this: Cat videos are funny. But now we have good reason to watch them besides chuckling away the hours.

Research from the Indiana University at Bloomington has found several health benefits from sitting around watching kittens on YouTube.

According to assistant professor Jessica Gall Myrick, people surveyed felt less negative emotions such as anxiety, annoyance and sadness after watching a cat video, and they were more energetic and felt more positive overall.

Even Grumpy Cat will be happy about this news

The study also found that a regular cat video break can help you focus on big tasks while at work.

"Even if they are watching cat videos on YouTube to procrastinate or while they should be working, the emotional pay-off may actually help people take on tough tasks afterward," Myrick said.

"Some people may think watching online cat videos isn’t a serious enough topic for academic research, but the fact is that it’s one of the most popular uses of the Internet today. If we want to better understand the effects the Internet may have on us as individuals and on society, then researchers can’t ignore Internet cats anymore.

"We all have watched a cat video online, but there is really little empirical work done on why so many of us do this, or what effects it might have on us. As a media researcher and online cat video viewer, I felt compelled to gather some data about this pop culture phenomenon."

Professor Myrick owns a pug, so we can definitely trust her judgement.

To celebrate her findings, here's a collection of our favourite cat videos to make you healthy. Watch 20 and call us in the morning: