'Don't Ever Be Afraid To Do The Right Thing' Dads Share Inspirational Words Of Wisdom For Their Children

'Believe In Yourself' Dads Impart Words Of Wisdom

This inspiring video shows dads recalling the words of wisdom they've give their children over the years... and they have some seriously good pieces of advice.

At the end, to mark Father's Day, the kids tell their dads how much they love them. Cue goosebumps and grab the tissues.

Here are a few of our favourite pieces of advice:

"Be happy and smile, and always look forward, never look back."

"Don't ever be afraid to do the right thing."

"Be truthful and believe in yourself, and don't let anyone ever tell you you're not good enough."

One dad appeared with his two younger daughters, who are probably too young to understand his words of wisdom yet.

He jokes that he wants his daughter to think about things before she does them, just before she screams in her younger sister's face.

Ah kids, aren't they the best?

Watch the full video to catch all the brilliant pieces of advice these dads have said over the years.

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