Music Festivals: This Infographic Shows Just How Few Female Headliners There Are

The topic of female festival headliners rears its head each summer, and on Thursday, it didn’t go unnoticed that Florence And The Machine’s promotion to Glastonbury’s top spot is a significant step.

Over the last 10 years, UK festivals haven’t exactly been brimming with female acts, and very few ladies have made it to the highly-coveted headline spot.

This infographic, from MorphSuits, reveals just how few have, and the numbers are depressing to say the least.

Across the 10 festivals charted, there have been just 14 headline performances from women going solo, compared to 48 from men.

It doesn’t really get any better, and for every mixed male-female band (hooray for Fleetwood Mac!) there have been over six all-male groups closing festivities. And no all-female ones. Ever.

It’s not quite right, is it?

Check out the infographic below…

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