JK Rowling Gets Trolled On Twitter, Responds With Usual Humour And Charm

JK Rowling Takes On Twitter Trolls, Wins Once Again In Style

JK Rowling spent the weekend deflecting a torrent of abuse on Twitter after a spat with a writer on Friday.

The 'Harry Potter' author was writing in response to an article by Iain Macwhirter in which in which he claimed "every trace of ethnic nationalism was expunged from the party in the 1970s".

Rowling immediately took issue with the statement.

Macwhiter expanded upon his original point.

With Rowling questioning how this one assertion could ensure there was not "any trace" of anti-English sentiment in the party today.

Since the original spat, some Twitter users spent the weekend trolling Rowling.

One account - which has since been deleted - then made the odd assertion Rowling may be hoarding Scottish people in a rather weird place.

Which then led to this...

Rowling then went on to eloquently explain how she views those who send her abuse...


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