8 Reasons Why It's Never A Good Idea To Tattoo Your Beau's Name Onto Your Body


A new tattoo has recently cropped up on Lauren Goodger's wrist. And no, it's not of a pretty bird or a floral pattern.

Goodger isn't the only one who has opted to permanently ink her other half's name onto her body, Katie Price had the name 'Pete' tattooed onto her wrist before the couple split.

(She later opted to have a cross tattooed over the top of it, rather than having the name removed.)

This got us thinking about why it's never, ever a good idea to tattoo someone's name onto your body. Here's what we came up with...

Because the tattoo will most definitely last longer than your relationship.

Because you have to improvise over it when (/if) your relationship ends.

Which is kinda awkward for this guy...

Because it might end up looking more like a penis than a name.

Because it's likely to scare the hell out of your partner anyway.

If you have any kids, they'll lose all respect for you.

It makes dating other people super awkward.

If they wanted to change their name by deed poll, you'd be placing them in an awkward position.

(Russell's never going to get his name changed. Ever.)

And ultimately, it isn't worth the pain.

Basically, if you really want a tattoo of someone's name. Get your own tattooed there instead...

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