These 'Note To Self' Temporary Tattoos Remind People With Anxiety That They're Awesome

Temporary Tattoos Remind People With Anxiety That They're Awesome

When you're suffering from stress, depression or anxiety, it can be difficult to remember that you are also an awesome human being.

But Janelle Silver has come up with a creative way to hit the message home.

The artist, from Australind, Australia, sells "note to self" temporary tattoos on her Etsy shop, Hearts and Hands, that act as a positive reminder to the wearer.

"I created the tattoos as a way of managing my own mental health, with the hope they might also be helpful to others as well," the 31-year-old tells HuffPost UK Lifestyle.

"I've struggled with depression and self harm since I was a teenager, but never really noticed anxiety until I started having full on panic attacks a few years ago.

"It was really scary and immediately had a massive impact on my life. It can be a really lonely and isolating experience, when it doesn't need to be."

Silver, who lives with her husband, Justin, and their seven-year-old daughter, Izzy, describes herself as "a really visual and tactile person", so she began looking for ways to help with her own mental health that involved sight and touch.

"I'm always making notes to myself but I needed something that would be with me in the moments I needed most and that's when I decided to make temporary tattoos," she says.

"Whenever I start to feel myself hitting a low or I'm anxious, I pick the reminders I need or want and then they're there if and when I need them."

Silver hand draws the pretty designs and then prints, cuts and packages the tattoos herself.

She sells the transfers on her online shop, where she also stocks other homemade gifts aimed to help build self-worth and self-confidence, including illustrations and zines.

To anyone struggling with anxiety, she has this advice: "Hang in there. I know living with anxiety can be exhausting, debilitating and scary (among other things) but despite how it may feel, you're not alone and these feelings will pass eventually, I promise.

"Don't be afraid to reach out - we're in this together. You're amazing."

To see more of Janelle Silver's designs, check out Hearts and Hands or follow her on Instagram.

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