Greece Bailout Could Be Coming Sooner Thanks To This Crowdfunding Campaign

Someone Is Trying To Bailout Greece With An Online Crowdfunding Campaign

A crowdfunding campaign has been set up on IndieGoGo with the hopes of raising €1,600,000,000 (£1,138,320,437.89) to bail out Greece's faltering economy and pay off a loan to the International Monetary Fund.

In one day, 6,744 people have donated more than €100,000 but the campaign is far from actually helping the troubled nation.

UPDATE: The campaign is now reaching €1.5m.

As with other crowdfunding schemes on the site, people who donate will receive a special gift depending on the size of their donation. €3 will net you a beautiful postcard of Alexis Tsipras, €6 will get you a Greek feta and olive salad, and a €1,000,000 donation will get you "lots of gratitude". We'll take the salad, please.

The fund was started by Thom Feeney, an Englishman who hopes every European will scrub together a few Euros.

Good luck with that, Thom.

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