Woman Who Works With Kids Covers Penis Tattoo (After Realising It's Probably Inappropriate)

This is why you shouldn't dick around when it comes to getting inked.

'Bonniebigheart' posted a before and after shot of her phallic tattoo cover up on Reddit - and credit where credit's due, the tattoo artists did a sterling job.

'Bonnie' revealed that her motivation to hide the niche tattoo wasn't because it was bizarre or weird or, well, 'cause there was a penis that appeared to be ejaculating blood up the back of her leg.

But, in fact, it was because she works with children in a psychiatric residential facility and so thought it was best to get her "dick covered up".

After she posted the image, internet users were left more than a little baffled as to why the penis was part of the tattoo in the first place.

After a little digging, we can reveal that the tattoo reflects a song by Le Tigre whose lyrics read: "I can see your disco disco dick is sucking my heart out of my mind."

Well there you have it.

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