ESPN's Annual 'Body Issue' 2015: Incredible Athletes Get Naked, Inspire Us To Hit The Gym

Normally naked magazine covers make us wince and slowly back away from the newsstand, but ESPN's annual 'Body Issue' features naked covers like no other - and we can't get enough.

The covers, which were released on Monday, feature six athletes who are top of their game, have bodies made of steel and also happen to be butt naked.

But rather than sexualise or objectify them, the 'Body Issue' celebrates their bodies. Each athlete is pictured practising their sport - albeit in a rather artistic manner.

The issue features interviews and photo shoots with 24 athletes in total, with six chosen to grace the cover. These include basketball player Kevin Love, baseball player Bryce Harper, American footballer Odell Beckham Jr., and Olympians, swimmer Natalie Coughlin, heptathlete Chantae McMillan and Amanda Bingson, hammer throw.

Why do we love it? Firstly, all of the athletes bodies are completely different, depending on the needs of their respective sport, which does a lot for body diversity and, secondly, there is an equal split between men and women.

So if you were planning to head home tonight and slob on the sofa, feast your eyes on these super humans.

ESPN The Body Issue 2015