Father Posts Adorable Video Showing What It's Like For His Family To Live With 16 Puppies

A father has posted an adorable video showing what it is like to live with 16 Basenji puppies.

The Norwegian dad, Dag Christer Lie, and his wife, Liv, have two children and they own kennels, so often have a fair few dogs around.

Lie posted the video on YouTube to show what the chaotic (but seriously cute) experience was like.

The puppies, all around four-five weeks old, are now in loving homes, but the video shows Lie's four-year-old son completely surrounded by the pups who scamper around (and on) him.

The father told the Mail Online: "They were - and still are - adorable. All are in lovely caring homes. About six months old now.

"And yes, to those who commented about poop. They were quite talented poop producers."

Dag and wife breed Basenjis, a form of hunting dog and also own two adult Basenjis named Jippi and Jubel.

At one point in the video, ten of the puppies climb on the four-year-old's back while he's laying down on the floor.

He attempts to get up, realises the predicament he's in and just lays back down again before the pups then do the same to Lie and his wife.

Are any of them phased? Nope.