Courtney Stodden Goes Topless At Comic-Con, Dons Captain Marvel Body Paint To Promote Peta (NSFW PICS)

Courtney Stodden certainly turned heads when she put in an appearance at Comic-Con over the weekend, with her unusual take on Captain Marvel's attire.


Well, we say “attire” - at first glance the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ contestant looks like she’s wearing a superhero costume, but, upon closer inspection, all she’s actually sporting are two nipple covers, underwear, some red gloves and a whooooooole lot of body paint.

Oh, and a scarf tied around her waist, of course. God forbid she should get cold.

Look at that Vegan Starter Kit

Courtney was snapped outside the comic book convention on Saturday, where she was trying to raise awareness of animal rights’ organisation Peta, who she has worked closely with in the past.

She certainly managed to raise a few eyebrows if nothing else, posing for a few cheeky snaps for photographers, while handing out leaflets about converting to veganism, all while channelling her inner Captain Marvel.

Good shoes

This isn’t the first time that Courtney has shown a bit of skin with the intention of promoting the animal rights cause, though.

Courtney Stodden channels Captain Marvel

Last year, she was photographed giving a new meaning to salad dressing (we know, we know), while donning a bikini made out of lettuce, handing out vegan hot-dogs in Washington, DC.

During this year’s Comic Con, a new trailer for ‘Batman v Superman’ was unveiled, showing Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in action, while it also gave Jennifer Lawrence the chance to pose for a fittingly brilliant photo with Bill Murray.

Courtney Stodden: 100 Sexiest Pictures

Courtney Stodden: 100 Sexiest Pictures

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