Stevi Richie And Chloe Jasmine Engaged: 'X Factor' Couple Announce They're Getting Married

Stevi And Chloe Announce First Ever 'X Factor' Engagement

Congratulations are in order for ‘X Factor’ couple Stevi Ritchie and Chloe Jasmine, who have revealed that they are engaged.


The pair met while they were both competing on the most recent series of the ITV singing competition, admitting that sparks flew between them while they were sharing the ‘X Factor’ house last year.

Since leaving the competition, the two have remained a couple, attending events together and being photographed, sharing totally-not-staged-who-said-they-were-staged-they-were-definitely-not-staged PDAs in the street.

Stevi Ritchie and Chloe Jasmine

Stevi and Chloe have now revealed their plans to get hitched in the future, after he proposed to her, with a diamond ring.

“He pulled this box out of the bag he’d given me and said, ‘Babe, will you marry me?’ I was shocked, I couldn’t believe he wanted to marry me."

“She texted back saying congratulations, and she was so happy for us both. I’d definitely invite her to the wedding if she wanted to come.”

“Instead of saying ‘shag’, now I say ‘make love’. When you have a one-night stand with someone then it’s just a shag. But when you’re in a relationship and in love, you say ‘make love’. So I would say that I’m making love to my fiancée Chloe-Jasmine tonight.”

Beautiful stuff, let’s hope he includes that in his wedding speech.

Gemma Collins

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