'Flying Saucer' UFO Video From Texas Looks So Real It Has To Be Fake

This UFO Looks So Incredibly Real It Has To Be Fake

This astonishingly clear video of a UFO over Texas is a fake, or at least it has to be if you're going by the concrete rules that apply to UFO sightings around the world.

This rule is simple: the more real it looks (or the higher the quality of the footage), the more fake it becomes.

Why? Because people are now so accustomed the idea of UFOs existing and yet not existing that the moment anything comes along that might just prove it all right, it's immediately shot down as being a massive fake.

OK so if we're honest this does look almost too 'District 9' to actually be a real UFO, but with no point of reference, no evidence to suggest otherwise it's tough to say what it is.

Of course the internet is never happy and so the YouTube video is adorned with a wealth of theories for what it actually is from drone to a re-purposed car headlight from a car that they're almost certain they know the name of but won't mention it on the internet for fear of being utterly shot down.

At its absolute most though, this video does rekindle the almost J.J. Abrams esque excitement that comes from seeing the classic 'flying saucer' hovering in the air as it does nothing to hide its outlandish appearance.

The conspiracy community has been getting particularly excited over some other news however which relates the the German Government.

UFO-hunters have managed to win a legal battle with the German Government to have all of its top secret UFO files released into the public domain.

This is the latest in a series of similar revelations around the world as various Governments (including the UK) have been forced to start publishing their 'UFO files'.

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