Meet The Facekini Wearing Women Of China

Meet The Facekini Wearing Women Of China

While swimwear trends can often be a little outlandish, we think this is the most interesting we've seen yet.

Meet the Facekini women of China - a group of middle aged ladies who frequent the popular beach resorts of Qingdao in eastern China's Shandong Province.

The bizarre looking swimming gear is a tight and bright mask covering the face.

Dubbed the facekini, the fabric masks cover a swimmer's entire head and neck down to the collar bones, with holes cut for the eyes, nostrils and mouth.

Website Refinery29 spoke to a group of facekini wearers, who told them they wear the designs to protect them jellyfish stings and from getting a tan on their face.

"My favorite part of myself is my face, that’s why I wear facekini. I don't want to get sunburn," one woman shares.

All of the eight women they interviewed said they felt confident on the beach - check out their weirdly wonderful facekini looks below:

Facekini Women Of China


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