Colourblind Man Sees Pink And Purple For The First Time (And It's Glorious)

The beautiful moment that a colourblind man sees colour for the first time has been caught on camera - and it's enough to make even the toughest heart melt.

Ethan was born colourblind. "It doesn't mean that I see the world in black and white, it just means that I see things in a way that are a little bit more dull than usual," he explains.

When his friend handed him a pair of snazzy looking shades for his birthday, he thought they'd be just like any other pair of sunglasses.

Little did he know his pal had bought him a pair of EnChroma glasses, which are specially designed to help people with colour blindness see properly.

After putting the sunglasses on, he begins to notice something a little different about his vision: he can see colours.

Ethan explains that without the glasses, he can see some pink colours and a bit of green - but sometimes green looks brown or yellow, and pink can look silver or blue.

When he puts the glasses on, things change dramatically.

He finds a pink pen and - with a huge smile on his face - says "It's pink!"

Then he picks up a purple tub and exclaims: "Is this purple? What the fuck?! Holy shit."

Ethan sees purple for the first time and is amazed by the colour.

Clearly overwhelmed by the present his friend has bought him, Ethan walks around the room taking in every bit of colour - from post-it notes on the wall to stationery.

"I love you James," he tells his friend as he embraces him.

Then, the clip cuts to the moment Ethan took his new glasses for a spin outside. And it's incredibly emotional.

*Grabs tissues*

Are You Colorblind?

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