Batman Tattoo Cover-Up Has To Be One Of The Most Awesome Things We've Clapped Eyes On


"Went from Bertman to Batman," was one of the comments underneath this amazing tattoo cover-up shot posted on Imgur, and we couldn't agree more.

(Assuming Bertman stands for utter crap).

Normally tattoo cover-ups tend to be an unfulfilling compromise - on the one hand you're covering up a bad tattoo, on the other, you still don't have a great tattoo. This, however, blows that theory out of the water.

On Reddit, some people commented: "Love that all of those years later, this dude still loves Batman enough to get his Batman tattoo covered up with a Batman tattoo."

Another revealed their own personal story: "My dad had a four leaf clover tattoo because he's irish. He had it covered up with a larger leprechaun. He hates that one even more."

To which, a user replied: "Was he drunk when he got both?"

Cue hilarity.


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