James Corden And Paula Abdul Recreate The ‘Opposites Attract' Video And It's A Nostalgic Treat (VIDEO)


Readers of a certain age will be au fait with Paula Abdul’s hit single ‘Opposites Attract’ but if you’re not one of them, prepare to be educated in classic 80’s pop courtesy of Mr. James Corden.


The Brit star teamed up with the ‘American Idol’ judge on his US chat show to recreate the groundbreaking video, which saw Paula sharing the screen with an animated cat.

Cue James squeezing himself into a MC Skat Kat costume, painting whiskers on his face and busting out some moves for the performance with Paula.

The original video featured tricky footwork choreographed by dancer Paula so we’re seriously impressed that James more than holds his own throughout the performance - and all while wearing a cat suit.

Watch James and Paul in action above and check out the original video below to see just how brilliant their update is.

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