23/07/2015 05:51 BST | Updated 23/07/2015 08:59 BST

Janet Street Porter Labels Prince George A ‘Cross-Dressing Millionaire' On ‘Loose Women' (VIDEO)

Honestly what is it with everyone having a pop at the Royals this week? First Russell Brand labels the Queen a ‘nazi’ and now Janet Street Porter’s laid into innocent little Prince George.


The 68-year-old has come under fire after calling the King-in-waiting a ‘cross-dressing millionaire’ on Tuesday’s ‘Loose Women’.

As the panel discussed a a recent picture of the royal toddler released by Buckingham Palace, an unrepentant Janet then added: “He’s got a girl’s blouse on.”

Janet Street Porter

Off with her ‘ed, etc.

The snap of George with his father Prince William was released to commemorate his second birthday.

Prince George with is proud daddy, Prince William

Many viewers weren’t too impressed with JSP’s little outburst and took to Twitter to vent.

"JSP is in a right mood on Loose Women today, b****y hell. Prince George is a two years old, cheer up Love," one wrote.

Another added: "As if Janet Street Porter just called Prince George a cross dressing millionaire. He's a baby boy. Off with her head."

And another viewer tweeted: "Listening to @loosewomen criticise Prince George's dress sense when the four of them obviously got dressed in the dark this morning."


But some viewers agreed with Janet’s view...

"@loosewomen love the royals… But can't understand why they dress Prince George in such strange clothes," asked one.

Another added: "@loosewomen come on Kate and William we're in the 21st century not the 19th. You both dress fashionable, why isn't Prince George?"(sic)

It’s the second time in days that a member of the Royal Family have been attacked by a celeb.

On Monday, Russell Brand launched a scathing attack on the Queen's German heritage, saying she may as well be called “Mrs Bratwurst-Kraut-Nazi”.

The 40-year-old comedian posted the comments on his Facebook page on Monday.

During Brand's tirade, he lambasted the Royal for being “at the top of a class pyramid” and using, essentially, a false name.

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