'Rip Off' London Rickshaw Driver Charges Tourists £206 For A ONE Mile Journey


A rickshaw driver in London has been filmed attempting to charge tourists £206 for a one mile journey.

The YouTube video shows the rickshaw driver being challenged by passersby and even two police officers - who say he is ‘ripping off’ the group of four visitors.

However, the driver maintains his pricing policy is clearly displayed in a price list and that he has all the necessary permissions to be charging customers for journeys.

The driver justifies his charge, saying simply: “That’s our price list, there’s four people.”

Richard Long, 49, filmed the exchange after spotting the altercation while out driving his black cab.

He told the London Evening Standard: "To be fleecing tourists like that - it's just disgusting what they're doing.

"When I got out of the cab I could see he was trying to get more and more money.

"The woman wasn't great with English. [Rickshaw drivers] know tourists don't use cards and generally carry cash. Obviously they've spoken to each other and decided certain groups are an easy target."

Rickshaws – also known as pedicabs – have grown in popularity over recent years.

The video does not show the resolution of the dispute.

Friedel Schroder, chairman of the London Pedicabs Operators Association, told the Standard: "Apart from not being a rider with an LPOA operator, what he is doing is actually illegal. Riders need to verbally pre-agree the price [before the ride].

"We do not condone this behaviour as acceptable."

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