Some People Don't Think Spoof 'Jeremy Corbyn Jokes' Twitter Account Is Very Funny

He's been the surprise package of the Labour leadership election campaign. Now the rise of Jeremy Corbyn, left-wing standard bearer and anti-austerity campaigner, has been confirmed by the creation of a spoof Twitter account in his honour.

But @CorbynJokes has a twist. It's a stream of gags, but playing on the idea that the Left takes itself too seriously. "Jeremy hasn't heard or told a joke since 1964," the biog says.

The traditional joke-book is exhausted. Knock, knock jokes. Mother-in-law jokes. "Yo mamma" jokes. Even the infamous The Aristocrats. However, each ends with a po-faced, right-on punch-line. Here are six of the most favourite.

A Corbyn take on an old classic

Channeling 1970s stand-ups

The most re-tweeted

The veteran MP re-imagined on the hit MTV show

With apologies to The Two Ronnies

And, finally, the joke-book staple

A lot of people think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Though others think it's no laughing matter.

Others aren’t really getting it.

And some, including left-wing intellectuals, suggest only Tories are enjoying it.

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