Nail Art Machine Video: Korean Invention Prints Amazing Nail Art Designs In Seconds

The cost of weekly manicures can add up fast, while DIY nail art and transfers can be super fiddly (and pretty much impossible if you're even the slightest bit cack-handed).

But it looks like some sort of beauty genius has found a solution...

A new Facebook video, uploaded by Hong Duong Le from Korea, shows a nail design machine in action - printing an intricate pattern on nails in a matter of seconds.

The video shows a woman placing her finger in the machine, using a touch screen to pick a design. She then waits while something that essentially looks like a jet printer moves back and forth across her nail.

Bam! In less than a minute, she's got a rad flower design - with no chance of smudging.

The 54-second clip, uploaded on 13 July already has over 31m views, and we're hoping the popularity will mean we'll get these magic machines over here asap. Au revoir, Shellac!

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