Owen Jones And Ukip MP Douglas Carswell Picture Mocked By Twitter Over 'Father-Son' Jibe

It all started with an innocent video - a 10 minute verbal jousting between 31-year-old columnist Owen Jones and MP Douglas Carswell.

The two quizzed one another on income tax, Ukip and Labour's future leaders, as well as the NHS - for good measure.

One Telegraph journalist uploaded a still from the film with a spoof comment, parodying the unlikely pair as a squabbling father and son.

"Dad why are you always embarrassing me in front of my friends with your neoliberal economic views?" Willard Foxton joshed.

His post garnered traction, receiving hundreds of retweets and sending the Twittersphere into meltdown.

Foxton's jape prompted another Twitter user to suggest his own caption.

But clearly someone didn't get the memo it was all, in fact, a joke...

You can watch the full exchange between Jones and Carswell above.

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