Young & Strange Magicians Videobomb Sky News With Amazing Magic Trick

Without Doubt, The Greatest (And Most Magical) Videobomb Of All Time

UPDATE: Ashish Joshi was in on the stunt and it never went live which is a shame because it would have been brilliant...

News presenter videobombs are hilarious. Fact.

But this one is a bit special. Whereas normally we are treated to drunk men shouting obscenities or flashing their bums, magicians Young & Strange have ramped it up a notch.

Not content with just appearing on national TV and waving at their mums, the duo performed a pretty decent 'shrinking man' illusion in front of Westminster.

Speaking to the Huffington Post UK, Young and Strange said: "Videobomb videos are boring, everyone just makes faces or waves to their mum, we wanted to try and take it up a level."


Bravo guys, bravo...

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