Men Watch Footage Of Their Girlfriends Being Catcalled, Realise How Horrific Street Harassment Really Is

Catcalling is something that women experience every day, but most men know very little about - unless, of course, they are the perpetrators.

In the above video, three guys sit down to watch footage of their girlfriends, Olivia, Tessa and Amy, being harassed by complete strangers on the streets of New York.

As Olivia walks past a strip club, a man shouts "we're hiring".

Meanwhile a passer by tells Tessa he wants to massage her feet. When she doesn't stop to talk to him, the stranger becomes more aggressive, saying: "Maybe it's because you hang out with white people."

Finally, as Amy walks down the road, a man walks up behind her and says she has "nice tittes".

Unsurprisingly, the boyfriends in the Cosmopolitan video get more and more worked up as they watch the footage.

"You're somebody's daughter, somebody's sister - I'm sure if somebody did that to their mother, their cousin, or something like that, they wouldn't appreciate it," Amy's boyfriend Miguel says.

But hopefully, the more we expose the good guys to the horrors of catcalling, the more they will help us campaign for change.

As Tessa's boyfriend Jon says: "I’m glad that people are making it an issue, and not standing for it anymore."

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