MiG-29 Fighter Jet Pulls Off Rocket-like Stunt Seconds After Take Off At Royal International Air Tattoo

Watch This MiG-29 Pilot Pull Off A CRAZY Vertical Take Off And Live

As with most jobs, being a MiG-29 pilot must have good and bad days.

However, one polish pilot proved that some days at the office are just plain insane and thankfully YouTuber TopFelya caught the stunt that proves why, on camera.

As the jet steamed down the runway at the recently concluded Royal International Air Tattoo, the takeoff appeared to be an entirely normal one.

Almost 15 seconds later, viewers were treated to a little bit of crazy as the pilot launched into a vertical take off.

The stomach-churning ascension happened so quickly that anyone watching from afar would have been forgiven for mistaking the jet for a rocket.

Clearly, the pilot knew what what he was doing and probably enjoyed the speedy skyward jaunt.


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