Reading Driver Comically Falls Over After Angry Row With Cyclist

'Are You A F***ing Tank?'


In an entertaining yet expletive-heavy confrontation, a Reading driver with a painfully cockney accent ends up on his ‘crust of bread’ after chasing a cyclist down the road.

The video, posted to YouTube with the title "A clown takes a pratfall," shows the portly speedster in a battered Peugeot narrowly missing the cyclist.

An exchange follows that reads like the script of “Get Carter”:

“Mate, how f***ing big is that bicycle? If you'd have had the decency to go over one side instead of taking the whole f***ing road ... are you a f***ing tank?


The cyclist said he would report the driver to the police, while pointing out he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt,

"Put your seatbelt on," demanded the biker.

"Put your f***ing mouth shut!” replied the Reading wag. “You are really p***ing me off."

Reacting to the cyclist's laughter, the driver gets out of his car and oafishly chases the rider down the pavement... only to take flight after a misjudged kick at a wheel.

If you don’t mind the sweary badinage, this is terrific (video above).

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