Facebook Behaviour In Real Life Is So Dumb You'll Wonder Why Social Media Even Exists

The way you behave on Facebook or Twitter is unlike any other social situation.

While 'trolling' has become the extreme poster boy of this, the fact is that even the day-to-day routine we go through on these websites would look utterly absurd in the real-life.

It's not something any of us actually think about though which is why Peter White's letter to the editor is probably the greatest nugget of wisdom you'll see on the internet right now.

Hilarious and simple it sums up the absurdity of our now daily connections with other people. It would appear that because we can't actually be with them, we now feel the need to start interacting with them in a way that would -- in any other situation -- cause grave concern among friends and relatives.

Strong work Mr White, we applaud your honesty and we really hope you've actually tried it.