Jeremy Corbyn Twitter Trend Prompts Mock Outrage, Concern And Excitement

#IfJeremyCorbynWins Has Twitter Concerned, Outraged, But Equally Excited

Three months ago, most of the UK didn’t know who Jeremy Corbyn was.

But a definitive general election result and a hotly contested leadership campaign later, people are imagining the Labour Party with Jeremy Corbyn as leader - and Britain with him as prime minister.

#IfJeremyCorbynWins began trending on Twitter on Monday morning, prompting many responses from Corbyn’s supporters – and detractors. Here’s some of the best so far…

Plenty of people summed up Corbyn’s campaign.

But that might come at a cost.

And what he might do during PMQs.

Others were less optimistic.

Insects were involved.

‘New Labour’ stalwarts were ridiculed.

The prospect of Kay Burley versus Corbyn had people excited.

But at the end of it all:

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