This Picture Showing The Amount Of Sugar In A Red Bull Is Pretty Staggering

From Monday morning jolts to drinking it with vodka to keep going on a Friday night, Red Bulls have been powering urbanites for years.

But one regular user decided to measure out exactly how much 39g of sugar (said to be in one can of Red Bull) actually was.

The results look pretty shocking:

Some users agreed with one saying: "Giving up sugared filled carbonated drinks was the best thing I ever did. That ALONE, will drop your body fat %."

Another said: "Seeing this makes me want to stop drinking soda... for three days until I forget and start drinking it again."

However, some people weren't impressed. They demanded other objects for a sense of scale. "Banana needed," said one.

Another person added: "Yeah shocker a giant can of caffeine and sugar every morning is not good for you."

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