Tuba Player Follows Donald Trump For 'Last Leg' Skit

'Last Leg' star Adam Hills is fast becoming one of the UK's leading satirists simply because he's really, really good at ranting and keeps sending tuba players to follow politicians.

Last week he sent a sousaphone player to taunt Jeremy Hunt in his constituency, and it was tremendous. The idea came from a viral video showing a man with the instrument trolling some Ku Klux Klan members as they marched the streets with Confederate flags.

This week, however, Adam had a much higher profile target. US presidential hopeful and all-around disaster area Donald Trump was in Scotland to watch some people play golf, so the 'Last Leg' team did the only thing they could - they sent a tuba player to look for the mogul.

It took some time, but eventually the devoted musician found Trump riding around on a golf cart, which made it even more comical. If the soundtrack wasn't already so hilarious we'd probably speed it up and add Benny Hill music.

Oh, go on then.

Yeah, we think that was worth it.

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