adam hills

Climate activists also disrupted the opening night of the BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall.
"What a lovely point that would make,” Adam said, following the news MPs' salaries will rise from £84,144 to £86,584.
The comedy routine was blasted due to graphic lyrics describing the execution of LGBTQ+ people in Qatar.
"I see what they were trying to do but turning such brutal, systemic violence into a song isn't the way to raise awareness."
For the last two weeks, Channel 4 has been without subtitles, audio description or sign language services.
The Australian comic insisted: "If you say [something] and you lose your audience, then you have probably said the wrong thing."
Yet another reason to love the Handforth Parish Council clerk – aka Britney Spears.
"The whole point of this exam is to prove to men that it’s actually not a big deal," the comedian said.
The Last Leg host previously criticised the GMB presenter for comments he'd made about Daniel Craig's masculinity.