Jeremy Corbyn: Don't Bomb ISIL

Jeremy Corbyn: Don't Bomb ISIL

Jeremy Corbyn would stop the bombing campaigns against ISIL he said tonight, preferring to “isolate” the terrorist group instead.

British aircraft are involved in bombing missions against ISIL in Iraq, and the Government suggested last month it would investigate whether to extend the remit into Syria.

Mr Corbyn, the front-runner in the Labour leadership contest, tonight said he was opposed to military intervention against the group.

In an interview with BBC 2’s Newsnight, the Islington North MP also called for former Labour leader Tony Blair to be put on trial if it was ruled the UK-supported invasion of Iraq was a war crime.

Mr Corbyn said: “We should look very seriously, very urgently, at the money that ISIL have got, the arms ISIL have got and the export of oil that ISIL is making.

“I would want to isolate ISIL. I don’t think going on a bombing campaign in Syria is going to bring about their defeat, I think it will make them stronger, so I’m not in favour of that.

“I’m not a supporter of military intervention, I’m a supporter of isolating ISIL and bringing about a coalition of the region against them.”

Mr Corbyn was asked whether he believed Mr Blair should be tried for war crimes after sending British troops into Iraq in 2003.

The Islington North MP, who is also chairman of the Stop The War coalition, said he was waiting for the Chilcot report into the Iraq War to be published.

When pressed, he said: “If he’s committed a war crime, yes. I think everybody who’s committed a war crime should be. I think it was an illegal war, I’m confident about that. Indeed Kofi Annan confirmed it was an illegal war and therefore he has to explain to that. Is he going to be tried for it? I don’t know. Could he be tried for it? Possibly.”


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