'Great British Bake Off' #BinGate, Ariana Grande's 'Doughnut Fiasco', And 13 Other Times Cakes Have Caused Controversy For Celebrities (PICS)

Who Knew Cake Could Cause So Much Controversy In Showbizland, Eh?
controversial cakes
controversial cakes
BBC/TMZ/Twitter/Lady Gaga

Ariana Grande almost succeeded where Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus all failed before her, in actually breaking the Internet last week.


The pop singer found herself in a bit of a sticky situation, after a video surfaced online, showing her in a doughnut shop, licking the products that were on sale and then leaving them on a tray, for other customers to enjoy the contaminated treats.

She faced a massive backlash for the video - which might, admittedly, have more to do with the fact she swore at a staff member, before declaring that she “hates Americans” later in the clip, rather than because of a few soiled doughnuts - with police later confirming that they were investigating the incident, alongside public health officials.

Thankfully, it was later revealed that the doughnut shop in question would not be pressing charges against Ariana - although you’d be surprised just how many cake-related controversies have arisen before now.

While cake is intended to be a symbol of jubilation and celebration, on more than one occasion, celebrities have got it a bit wrong, and wound up creating a media storm in a teacup (or, indeed, a cake tin), thanks to their misjudged baking-based incidents.

From ill-advised duets and controversial clangers to reality TV mishaps and one very steamy awards show performance, here are some of the biggest cake controversies from the world of showbiz…


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