Tube Strike 5 August: Fashion Hacks To Help You Survive

With yet another tube strike set to disrupt your day you'd be forgiven for faceplanting into your soy latte and vowing not to leave the house for the next day or so.

But we can't exactly sit at home the whole time, most of us are going to have to brave the tube-less journey to work - be it by bus, Uber, or actually doing that thing called walking.

To help you on your epic quest to make it to the office on time, we've compiled five fashion and beauty hacks to help you survive the ordeal.

1. Wear comfy shoes.

Because a four-mile walk with blisters would break us as a person.

2. Layer up.

While you'll want to dress light to combat the sweating on your way to work, you can bet as soon as you arrive the pesky air-conditioning will make you wish you'd worn a massive jumper.

This is one occasion where tying something around your waist will look totally acceptable and not like a school child that's secretly pissed themselves.

3. Sweat-proof your beauty routine.

Good deodorant, check. Hair up, check. Waterproof makeup... check out our tried & tested guide to the best stuff to buy.

Not only will your fellow commuters thank you (for the deodorant part anyway), the only hope you have of turning up to work looking half acceptable is to stop the effects of sweating before they even start.

4. Avoid long or floaty styles.

If you're cycling to work, it's a bit of a given. Don't nobody want to get their dress or cardigan caught up in a bike wheel!

But no matter what your mode of transport, this actually works out well for everyone in a tube strike situation. You wouldn't wear anything that could catch on stuff in a zombie apocalypse and this is pretty much the same thing.

5. Bring a small bag

Because there ain't no room for Olsen twins-esque handbags-as-big-as-your-body on a jam-packed bus. We know they carry loads and make everyone look slimmer, but break this tube strike style commandment and prepare for some serious death stares from everyone squashed around you.

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