This Cat Has Zero Feels For Your Avocado Toast

You know that oh-so-tasty avocado toast you love so much?

Well, Ray the cat ain't got time for that.

Yeah, you heard. And what Ray says, goes.

Ray belongs to Alyssa, a 27-year-old foodie who loves kale chips and anything with avocado on it, reports Delish.

When Alyssa placed her latest food obsession, avocado on toast with Sriracha, in front of Ray - she was met with disapproval. And lots of it.

You see, Ray is a very harsh - but realistic - food critic. (She's a Sheba kinda gal). And when it comes to avocado toast, she just can't even.

"Ray loves Alyssa. But her penchant for trendy crap - like this annoying avocado toast - makes Ray want to take a long nap," says Delish. "Because Ray just don't care."

Ray, honey, we totally feel you. But we reckon you'd totally approve of these avocado toast upgrades...

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