Palmer Luckey's Cover For Time Has Prompted A Photoshop Masterclass By The Internet

This VR Guru's Cover For Time Has Prompted A Photoshop Masterclass By The Internet

Palmer Luckey, the inventor behind virtual reality headset Oculus Rift recently featured on the cover of TIME magazine to talk about how the piece of tech will revolutionize the way we live, play and learn.

Luckey, 22, does not fit the typical archetype of Silicon Valley entrepreneur that has been emerging from California in spades over the last couple of decades. The college drop-out was studying journalism before he created the Oculus Rift and according to TIME magazine comes across as a down to earth, even relaxed and light-hearted figure.

Despite the interview it seems all anyone can talk about is the cover. We'll let you make your own conclusions about whether you like it or not.

The internet on the other hand warns that with one foul swoop it might be possible that TIME's cover has undone all of Luckey’s work and ruined virtual reality for the entire world.

Don't panic though, the internet was on hand with a photoshop masterclass on how to turn things around.

Here is a mash up of the best examples:

Avenger Palmer

I’m flying Jack!



The circle of life

Gangnam style

Hands up


Palmer luckily took it all on the chin, showing that as well as big brains the inventor has a sense of humour too.

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