Adorable Time-Lapse Video Captures Newborn Only Six Hours Old Through To First Birthday

Adorable Time-Lapse Shows How Newborn Grows In His First Year

From newborn baby to walking toddler, the transformation a child makes in their first year is pretty impressive.

This adorable time-lapse video by Bon Appétempt shows the first year of Teddy's life - from six hours to 12 months in just two minutes.

Starting off with a head of dark hair and big brown eyes, Teddy sees in his first birthday laughing with his pet dog, walking around with much lighter hair and a big cheeky grin.

Is amazing how much they change, isn't it?

At first, the adorable newborn stares unknowingly into the camera having only been born six hours earlier.

But it's not long before his parents capture his first sneeze, smile, laugh and roll over onto his belly.

Filmed every two weeks, Teddy grows bigger, befriends the family pet and just gets cuter each time.

Two weeks old

14 weeks old

Five and a half months old

Eight and a half months old


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