How To Improve Posture: Sitting And Standing Correctly Can Reduce Health Problems And Poor Wellbeing

Next time you're in a public place take a second to look at the posture of those around you. Chances are the majority of people will be glued to their smartphone, with their shoulders hunched and their necks strained. It's more than likely you will be too, perhaps even as your read this article.

The 21st century - with its sedentary, technology-obsessed lifestyle - is reeking havoc our health and wellbeing are paying the price.

Your posture can impact your entire body. If you have bad posture, your muscles have to overwork to support you and they will slowly weaken or become inflexible - this can lead to health problems and poor mood.

Murat Dalkilinç, a Turkish physiotherapist, has explained more in the video above as part of a TED-Ed video, from TED's educational arm.

Discover five tips to straighten out these problems in our handy infographic below.

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