'Cutting The Crusts Off!' Parents Reveal Small Habits They Do For Toddlers That Are Almost Unbreakable

Whether it's sleeping in their bed while they fall asleep or letting them win that game of scrabble, it's not unusual to form small (but sweet) habits with your kids while they're young.

But how easy are they to break?

One parent decided to face the issue full-on and asked parents of Reddit: "What was a small habit or thing you did for your baby/toddler that ended up being an extremely difficult obstacle to break them of as they got older?"

The thread by MidnightSG was soon flooded with comments of parents' frustration who still can't stop doing those sweet things they did when they're kids were young.

Here are ten, hard-to-break habits parents have had to deal with. Oh the tantrums.

1. Letting kids win at games.

2. Not correcting the "cute" baby talk.

3. Relying on screen time to occupy them.

4. Using the trick of a "monster" will get you.

5. Constant hair-playing.

6. Using a night light.

7. Thumb-sucking.

8. Jumping on furniture.

9. Milk before bed.

10. Crusts.

Care to add any? Comment below, please.

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