Donald Trump's 'Stump For Trump Girls' Take Over CNN Segment With Lines About 'ISIS Cutting Off Heads'

Donald Trump Has Many Supporters – These Two Are The Most Bonkers

Donald Trump has many detractors. He also has some over-enthusiastic support, particularly from a pair of sisters who have gained a solid following on YouTube as the “Stump for Trump” girls. The pair appeared on CNN on Tuesday to throw out stock lines from the Trump campaign while feverishly plugging their online channel.

The sisters spoke about how they “felt” Trump by watching him on TV, noting that he was the only man able to “make America great again.”

“We have a border that needs to be secure," shouted Lynette Hardaway, also known as “Diamond.” She continued: "We have ISIS trying to cut off heads. We have people going into movie theaters shooting it up… We’ve got to secure this border.”

Her sibling Rochelle Richardson, know as “Silk,” chimed in: “We don’t want people to be just surviving in this country, but we want them to start thriving in the country.”

The man himself has endured a difficult week with conservative media turning on the property tycoon following last week’s Fox News debate and his menstruation comments about host Megyn Kelly. On Tuesday, Twitter turned on the reality TV star with women live-tweeting their menstrual cycle.

Here is the sisters' original video:

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