Ghostly Orbs Appear Above Sleeping Child And Are Captured On Baby Monitor

A ghostly shadow has been caught hovering above a sleeping toddler on a baby monitor.

The recording shows Rosie sleeping peacefully in her crib as beads of light suddenly materialise above her. The rays appear to hover above the bed, moving from side to side.

How can this eerie sighting be explained?

The orbs float above the child's crib

One reason for the glowing balls could simply be the position of the light, which is commonly mistaken for paranormal activity.

This is illustrated when the father of the child reaches towards the monitor and the beads of light follow his movement.

Or the glowing orbs could simply be evidence of other-worldly forces at work..

It's not an isolated occurrence and in May, a paranormal sighting shocked residents in Florida.

Surveillance cameras caught an unidentified flying "orb" in the Space Walk of Fame Museum.