Matt Lucas Slams 'Pathetic' BBC For Newsnight Tinder Claim That The App Allows Straight People 'To Act Like Gay Men'

Matt Lucas Leads Backlash Against Evan Davis After Gay Men On Tinder Comment

Comedian Matt Lucas has labelled the BBC "pathetic", after Newsnight presenter Evan Davis said dating app Tinder allowed straight people "to act like gay men" by providing an "easy hook-up service".

Davis presented the segment on Wednesday, which followed a Twitter spat between Vanity Fair and Tinder after the magazine published an article about the "Dating Apocalypse", suggesting dating apps are ruining relationships.

Tinder is available to people of all sexualities.

Davis, who is himself gay, said: “For the uninitiated, Tinder is the biggest of a number of apps that allow straight people of any gender to behave like gay men.

“It’s an easy hook-up service. You upload your profile, and scroll through others, to find someone to meet.

“It’s love at first swipe. Swipe left for the ones you don’t like, swipe right for the folks you’re interested in. And then if the feeling’s mutual, you can message each other and take it from there.”

The comments sparked outrage, with many people questioning whether they had heard the host correctly.

Little Britain star, Lucas, 41, said:

Pathetic from the BBC.

— Matt Lucas (@RealMattLucas) August 12, 2015

Many others were shocked at the BBC's claim and Davis received a barrage of criticism for the comments.

The BBC were approached by the Huffington Post UK but declined to comment.

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