'Tories For Corbyn' Founder Unmasked After Claiming To Vote For Jeremy Three Times

The founder of the Tories For Corbyn movement has been unmasked as a man named Andrew Wylie, after boasting he had been able to vote for the left-wing Labour leader candidate three times.

Wylie, who tweeted using the name Jezmaggedon, used his tongue-in-cheek account to suggest that anyone who wishes to see the demise of the Labour party (particularly the Tories) would do well to vote for Jeremy Corbyn in the party’s leadership elections.

But alas, Labour soon sussed him out and replied:

A Labour spokesperson also told SunNation that they had already identified him.

He also tweeted a picture apparently showing three separate ballot papers, all of which had been marked with Corbyn as first choice.

However, Labour said that he had only been sent one ballot paper.

Wylie, according to the Guardian registered as a supporter of the Labour party using his first name, his middle name and his wife’s name, using the same email address and mobile phone number on all three applications.

But the prankster, who uses the pen name Charlie Mortimer, took his unmasking in good spirit, tweeting:

Journalist Toby Young has been a vocal support of the tactic of voting for Corbyn in a bid to destroy Labour's general election chances, writing in the Telegraph: "Let’s make Corbyn the captain of the ship and prove once and for all that the earth is round. He could be the Magellan of the Labour Party.

"So sign up today. Make Corbyn leader, secure Boris’s victory in 2020 and, in the process, help transform Labour into a grown up political party."

Corbyn is currently frontrunner in the Labour leadership contest.