GCSE Results Day 2015: Identical Twins Charlotte And Chloe Cooke Get Identical GCSEs

Identical Twins Get Identical GCSEs

It was a case of strange déjà vu for one family on Thursday as a pair of identical twins got identical GCSE results - even getting exactly the same mark in one exam.

Charlotte and Chloe Cooke from Sleaford in Lincolnshire were left "freaked out" after they opened their results and realised they'd been awarded the same grades.

"I was pretty freaked out," 16-year-old Charlotte told HuffPost UK. "But it's cool, because no-one's going to be the favourite or the 'cleverest;' out of the two of us."

Twins Chloe (left) and Charlotte celebrate their matching results

"Yeah I admit it's freaky," Chloe agreed. "I wasn't expecting it - I thought Charlotte would get a lot higher marks than me!"

The teenagers achieved nine As and two Bs, and, proving they really are twins, the pair got matching marks in Biology. "That was super freaky," Chloe added.

Overjoyed big sister Jennifer said she was "super proud".

"I can't believe they got the same results. Proves they are identical twins!"

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