Rupert Murdoch Says Jeremy Corbyn Is Only Labour Leader Candidate 'Who Believes Anything'

Rupert Murdoch Just Said Something No Sun Reader Would Agree With

Rupert Murdoch has given his backing to Jeremy Corbyn to be the next Labour leader. Well, sort of.

Murdoch, whose papers backed the Tories at the last election, tweeted:

The 84-year-old media mogul doesn't quite sound like he has paid £3 to cast his vote for Corbyn but the tweet is a definite dig at Liz Kendall, Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper.

His previous Twitter commentary has suggested Corbyn's prospects of winning election were poor and David Cameron didn't "deserve" a Corbyn victory.

Murdoch's backing was far less full-throated than Russell Brand's, who backed Corbyn for the Labour leadership in a recent Trews video.

Whatever the businessman's actual views, it's safe to say Corbyn isn't exactly a Murdoch fan.

In July 2011, at the height of the phone hacking scandal, Corbyn wrote in his Morning Star column: "Murdoch bought the Sun in 1969... and turned it into a low-grade abusive tabloid whose populism and abuse of individuals was unprecedented in its ferocity and bile – and, occasionally, humour."

He also wrote: "Murdoch’s media outlets, all of them, all over the world, supported every aspect of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq."

And: "Remember the “Gotcha” headline as the General Belgrano sank killing hundreds of young Argentinians? Remember the abuse of Neil Kinnock in the 1992 election? Remember page three and the denigration of women Remember the abuse of Irish people?

"The list of spite is pretty long and this shameless tabloid has done a great deal to lower journalism from reporting and investigation to titillation and abuse."

So it seems pretty safe to say Prime Minister Corbyn would not follow in Tony Blair's footsteps and court the press baron.


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