Calais Video Shows How 'Easy' It Is To Break Onto Eurotunnel Tracks

As plans were announced Thursday that UK police are to join forces with their French counterparts in Calais to target trafficking gangs, a video has emerged showing just how lax security is there.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Alan Quinn on Wednesday and shows him traveling to Calais before breaking onto the tracks. He then assesses the police presence at the French port town.

Alan Quinn made a video showing how easy it is to break onto the Eurotunnel tracks

UK officers will be based in a new "command and control" centre alongside Border Force personnel in Calais in a deal between French and British ministers. Theresa May was to sign off the deal in Calais on Thursday.

Officials hailed the move as a major advance towards stemming the flow of migrants being smuggled illegally across the Channel, vowing to step up collaboration between intelligence and enforcement agencies.