Slovakia Will Only Take Christian Migrants Because Muslims 'Won't Like It Here'

Slovakia has said that it will only accept Christian refugees who have escaped Syria because Muslims “are not going to like it here”.

Officials have said Slovakia is willing to allow a whopping 200 migrants from camps in Turkey, Italy and Greece to relocate there.

According to the BBC, interior ministry spokesman Ivan Netik said Muslims would not be accepted because they would not feel at home in the country.

Refugees from Syria will not be accepted by Slovakia

He denied the move was discriminatory, despite calls from the UN’s refugee agency (UNHCR) to take an “inclusive approach”.

Netik told the BBC: "We want to really help Europe with this migration wave but... we are only a transit country and the people don't want to stay in Slovakia.

"We could take 800 Muslims but we don't have any mosques in Slovakia so how can Muslims be integrated if they are not going to like it here?"

He also said that Slovakia was a “transit country” where people would not relocate permanently.

The decision follows an agreement that EU member states would take in 32,000 asylum seekers arriving in to Italy and Greece during the next two years.

The target had originally been 40,000.

The EU and the UN have called on other countries to pitch in as the migrant crisis continues to grow.

Yesterday Germany’s interior minister said that the country could see as many as 800,000 migrants arriving this year - four times as many as in 2014.

Thomas de Maiziere said more than 360,000 migrants have flooded into Germany this year, including a record of 83,000 in July that he predicted would be broken in August.

Germany remains the top destination for refugees in Europe, receiving 43% of all asylum applications in the 28-nation European Union, he said, adding that Europe has to come up with a better way to share the burden.

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