24/08/2015 11:47 BST | Updated 24/08/2015 11:59 BST

16 Stages You Experience When Your Phone Battery Runs Out, As Told Through Awkward Stock Photos

Delve into any picture database and you'll soon discover there is a giant market out there for people feeling all sorts of emotions towards their phones.

Perhaps they're reliving a suppressed childhood memory, perhaps they're questioning a career choice as a stock photo model.

Or perhaps they're remembering exactly what it's like to spend £500 on a phone to have it die after a mere two-hours of constant Instagram scrolling.

If so, we reckon they've got the whole ordeal pretty spot on...

1. When you have a long day of phone-using ahead of you, but for some reason you can't stop looking through your mate's sister's, best friend's, cousin's Facebook album.

frustrated phone

Ahh 'Corfu '06'

2. When you see your casual Internet stalking has just drained a third of your battery in 10 minutes.

frustrated mobile

3. When you fall below 50% and realise you don't have a charger with you.

mobile panic

4. When you find out no one else around you has a charger either.

mobile panic

5. When you turn your brightness down to conserve battery, then can't really see anything.

angry phone

6. When you're on 1% and there's nothing to save you...

sad mobile

7. Then it finally dies.

sad mobile

Goodbye, sweet social life

8. Or, even worse, when it dies on 5% when you're mid-sending a text.

angry mobile

9. When you realise your entire evening plans are ruined because you can't get hold of anyone.

angry mobile

What could this man POSSIBLY be so angry about?

10. When you have to use a land line instead.

frustrated phone

11. When everyone else around you is on their phones, and you're just sitting there like...

sad mobile

12. When someone tells you their smartphone's battery actually lasts for three days.

frustrated mobile

The classic 'businessman punching his phone' photo

13. But then you realise not obsessively checking your emails every five minutes is actually quite freeing...

friends in field

15. And you seem to be having actual conversations with real people around you...

friends thumbs up

Friend. Thumbs-up friend.

16. Smartphone who?

friends field walking

Be free, stock photo people!


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