Donald Trump Has Henchman Forcibly 'Deport' Hispanic News Anchor Jorge Ramos From Iowa Press Conference

Trump Has Hispanic News Anchor Forcibly 'Deported' From Press Conference

NEW YORK -- Continuing his bristling feud with the 53 million Americans that constitute the country's burgeoning Hispanic community, Donald Trump had his burly security guard 'deport' the best-known Hispanic news anchor from a press conference on Tuesday.

Jorge Ramos, from Spanish language channel Univision, was turfed out by Trump’s balding henchman after he interrupted the GOP frontrunner by asking a series of questions about the property tycoon’s unhinged immigration plan.

Ramos, who has repeatedly accused Trump of “spreading hate” over his determination to forcibly remove illegal residents and build a wall on the Mexican-US border, tried to question the Republican early in a press conference before the reality TV star’s speech in Dubuque, Iowa.

“Excuse me, sit down. You weren’t called!” Trump scowled. “Sit down. Sit down. Sit down! No you don’t. Go back to Univision.”

When questioned about Ramos’ removal, Trump snapped: “You can’t just stand up and scream. He’s obviously a very emotional person. So I have no problem with it.” The TV anchor was eventually let back in the room and allowed to ask Trump a series of questions about the term “anchor babies” and his method of deporting 11 million people.

The flaxen-wigged birther has some form with the Univision. He sued the network in July after it dropped coverage of his Miss USA pageant over the presidential hopeful’s comments calling Mexican rapists.

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